Happy ending: Refugee family reunited with son after four years

It has been an agonising four years for a Yazidi family in Wagga as they waited to be reunited with one of their children. The Darwesh family last saw their eldest son on July 17, 2016, when ISIS attacked their home in the middle of the night. Drei and Zenah took their children and fled, but in the confusion, they were separated from their son Ronejan, who had to seek asylum with Mr Darwesh's brother and parents in Germany.

'Please come forward': Family's message to Braydon's killer

The grandmother of a teenager left for dead on a Riverina road has one message for this killer - please come forward. Gina Allen spoke with The Daily Advertiser on the final day of the inquest into Braydon Worldon's death. On behalf of the family, she addressed her grandson's killer directly. "If your child or grandchild was killed traumatically and left on the side of the road, how would you feel?" Ms Allen asked. "Our family has suffered ... we have lost someone very special for us."

Arlo's journey after bilateral cleft lip and palate diagnosis

Wagga's Arlo Arentz is only two-and-a-half years old and he has already had six surgeries. But that does not keep the smile off his face. Arlo was diagnosed with bilateral cleft lip and palate, a condition only one in 800 babies born in Australia have. Now, Arlo's family want to raise awareness about the condition. Jane and Brendan Arentz were getting excited about the arrival of their second child, but at a scheduled ultrasound, they got the sense something was wrong.

Jody Ekert On Exploring Sexuality In A Regional Area

One woman who has overcome the challenges of being queer in regional NSW wants to share a message of love and acceptance with the LGBTQI community, Jody Ekert describes herself as “a gal about town” with a passion for organising events and building strong communities. She grew up moving around Queensland, lived in Maryborough and then moved with her first girlfriend to Sydney, and lived there for about 15 years. But, after an unplanned pregnancy – “a funny moment for a lesbian”, Jody said thi